Biogas Plant CT General Villegas


Engineering and Works for the EPC in the Civil Works, Piping Works and
Assembly of equipment, and the Electrical Works and Instrumentation.

We were part of the early definition of the project, the preparation of bidding documents for the works and construction contracts, the planning and management of the work to be carried out, supervision of works and advice on environmental aspects.

General scope of services:
Item 1: Control Room:
Assembled based on a 40” container.
Insulating interior coating of 10mm double aluminized membrane.
Interior lining made with “7mm PVC tongue and groove”.
Daisa exposed interior piping, for lighting, socket and AC circuits.
Reserve pipes for telephone, data and fire detector.
16-way metal panel to be applied with 1 differential circuit breaker and thermomagnetics 1x 2c10, 1x 2c16, 1x 2c20 first brand (ABB SCHNEIDER MOELER SIEMENS)
2x18w Led luminaires.
2 hot and cold air conditioners of 3000FR.
1 access door of 2.1×0.8m.
Tray support of 600.
Installation of 2 windows with DVH.
Installation of trays under the floor and access through the board floor.
Item 2: Pumping station:
Assembled based on a 40” container.
Non-slip metal floor (1/16”) forming a 100mm high (3m3) bilge to contain spills.
Daisa visible interior pipe, for lighting circuit.
2x18w Led luminaires.
4-way metal panel with 2c10 differential and thermal circuit breaker for lighting.
Draft of 10 pipe access windows.
Entry through standard access gate.

Dreicon S.A. acts as EPM for the electrical works corresponding to the implementation of a 0.38/34.5 kV Transformer Station and the Interconnection of the C.T. General Villegas Generating Plant to the 33 and 13.2 kV System.
The scope of the services includes the management, administration and preparation of engineering (Engineering), the management of acquisitions (Procurement) of the main materials and equipment of the work and the administration (Management) of the contractual relationships between the client and third parties (suppliers and construction companies) to execute the aforementioned works on behalf of the client.

Transformer station construction 0.38/34.5 kV:
The object of the work corresponds to the materialization of a 0.38/34.5 kV Step-up Transformer Station CT Gral. Villegas, intended to inject electrical energy, provided by a 1.5 MW Generating Plant, from Biogas, located in the room “San Marcos” property of “María Elena S.A.”, to the 33 kV network (Line “Banderalo – E.T. General Villegas”), of Distribuidora EDEN S.A., in the District of General Villegas, Province of Buenos Aires.

33 kV and 13.2 kV medium voltage line interconnection work:
The object of the work corresponds to the materialization of a medium voltage overhead line of 33kV nominal voltage, intended for the interconnection of a 1.5 MW Generating Plant from Biogas, located in the “San Marcos” ranch owned by the company “María Elena S.A.”, with the existing 33 kV medium voltage overhead line “ET General Villegas – Banderalo”, of Distribuidora EDEN S.A., in the General Villegas District, Province of Buenos Aires.
Additionally, the construction of a 33/13.2 kV lowering station and a 13.2 kV medium voltage overhead line is also included with the aim of reinforcing the quality of energy supply for María Elena S.A.’s consumption. and the town of Los Sauces.”

The scope of services includes the following activities:
Execution of soil movement in the foundation sector with proctor and density tests.
Civil works of H° A° foundations, which include: H° A° tanks of 16 meters in diameter, walls, minor foundations.
Excavation, laying and covering of electrical pipes.
Excavation, laying, hydraulic and pneumatic testing of HDPE pipes.
Aerial piping, prefabricated, execution of stainless steel work.
Loading, unloading and mechanical assembly of equipment.
Hydraulic tank testing.
Civil Works General Villegas Biogas Plant:

  • Direction and management of work.
  • Calculation of structures and foundations. Soil study.
  • Soil movement. compacted fill of selected soil.
  • Reinforced concreting of large-volume foundations, Hº Aº partitions of Fermenters, etc.
  • External sheet metal covering with support frame + 80 mm THK insulation + support frame.
  • Interior curing epoxy paint.
  • Hº Aº stalls.

Piping Work – Equipment Assembly:

  • Provision and placement of underground and aerial pipes.
  • Import and assembly of construction equipment.
  • Assembly of gasholders in digester, gas retention.
  • Pump assembly.
  • Plant commissioning and start-up.

Electrical Work and Instrumentation:

  • Import and supply of boards. Software installation service.
  • Assembly of electric generator and instruments.
  • Plant connection and start-up.
  • Delivery from plant to operation.”

General scope of services:
Participation in the early definition of the project: support to the client in the final definition of the project, its stages, deadlines, subcontractors and their interrelation in the work.

Preparation of bidding documents for the works, coordination of the call for bids, monitoring of bidders and evaluation of offers with an analysis report to be delivered to the Client.

Preparation of construction contracts: consists of advising and preparing framework contracts to effectively hire the contractors and subcontractors required for the project.

Planning and management of the work to be carried out: definition and monitoring of the work execution plan, dates, deadlines, people responsible, positions, resources and costs. This activity is carried out in the field with daily and weekly work schedules and with coordination meetings and communications between the assigned representatives of each contractor and/or subcontractor.

Establish and enforce objectives based on the Client’s requests and needs.

Review of the detailed engineering by the Subcontractors in accordance with current regulations and the rules of good art. The detailed engineering to be reviewed includes various specialties such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environmental and labor engineering, among others.

Supervision of works: it is the main function of the “Owner Engineer” which consists of monitoring the schedule of the planned tasks, supervising their correct execution in the field and measuring its evolution and the performance of the contractors. and/or subcontractors.

Implementation of solutions or modifications: deciding when to intervene in the process and its form of implementation in response to the needs of the work, and, in particular, detect points in the initial plan with potential for improvement or that must be modified to achieve the planned objectives.

Advice on Environmental Aspects of the Project and its Electrical Interconnection.

Particular scope of services:

  • Support in the selection of construction contractors.
  • Review of the Basic Engineering and its adjustments if necessary.
  • Review of the bidding documents for the different sub-parts of the work and possible adjustments.
  • Search for possible bidders, including complete “turnkey” offer or separating assembly materials. In particular for electrical work, the complete procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Responses and clarifications to queries made by bidders through circulars.
  • Technical-economic review of offers.
  • Support to the client in selecting the company or companies to hire.
  • Support in Planning and Management of works.
  • Preparation of the Work Plan.
  • Monitoring of the plan to meet the objectives.
  • Certification of work progress.
  • Management of communications with contractors.
  • Preparation of a graphic record and monthly work progress report.
  • Review and approval of detailed engineering.
  • Technically review the contractors’ detailed project.
  • Help respond to contractors’ technical queries.
  • Review, ratify and/or adjust the project based on changes or adjustments on site.
  • Approve the basic engineering for the work (documents suitable for construction – APC).
  • Supervision on site.
  • Permanent supervision in the field of the execution of the works.
  • On-site inspection of non-conformities in the quality of materials.
  • Making technical decisions on site to solve problems and make compatible the scope of different technical specialties and the scope of contractors.
  • Respond and resolve technical queries from contractors on site.
  • Comprehensive support until the start-up of all equipment.
  • Approval of as-built documents – CAO.
  • Environmental aspects.
  • Assessment of the environmental components established in the EIA.
  • Determination of the control points and parameters that will be used.
  • Evaluation of quantitative levels or limits allowed or committed.
  • Estimation of the duration and frequency of the monitoring plan for each parameter.
  • Establishment of the method or procedure for measuring each parameter.
  • Determination of the deadline and frequency of delivery of reports to the competent organizations.



Biogas Plant CT General Villegas



Buenos Aires, Argentina


General Villegas Biogás S.A.


Owner Engineer


January 2019

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