our purpose

Be leaders in
energy transition

Energy is the lifeblood of our society and the way we generate and use it has a profound impact on our planet and future generations. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the energy sector must adapt. That’s where DREICON comes in.

what we believe in

We strive for a change
where we all win

The transition to renewable energy sources is not only essential for a more sustainable future, but also represents a great opportunity for organizations to:

Reduce costs
Increase efficiency
Generate a positive impact on the environment and society
commitment to excellence

We aspire to be pioneers in building a sustainable future

DREICON proposes a path of sustainable growth for the future, basing its professional intervention on the following central pillars:


Promote the global transition towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future. To be key actors at an international level in the field of renewable energies.


To be leaders in the planning, generation and distribution of sustainable energy, contributing significantly to the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Our participation

Business chambers

our VALueS

The guiding principles
our actions


The value of our word as the first condition to generate respect and trust in all our interpersonal and institutional relationships. Commitment to development towards internal and external clients.


In communication and information management, relying on the development and application of new technologies.


The continuous development of knowledge, seeking innovation as a professional predisposition in the face of each challenge.

Corporate responsibility

A fairer and more just future for all

At DREICON, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than a commitment: it is an integral part of our identity and values. We firmly believe in contributing positively to society and supporting those who need it most. That is why we are proud to collaborate with the Gregorio Mendel Civil Association, an institution dedicated to providing help and support to people and families facing challenging situations.

Our Team

We have the talent,
we believe in the team

DREICON is a company whose founders are both its partners and active members of the general circle of the company.


Our business units are led by experts with great leadership skills for multidisciplinary teams, including the company’s own shareholders.


We have a team of professionals in engineering, law, economics and business administration, with extensive experience in management, studies, projects and works of electrical energy, gas, infrastructure and technology, both in the public and private sectors.


DREICON is accompanied by independent studies and professionals in technology, educational sciences, communication, statistics and graphic design.

Members of our team

Gustavo Garrido


Alejandro P. Bellorini

Vicepresident & CEO

Gerardo Manhard

Director & COO

Tomás Varrese


María Delfina Gentile

Administrative Director

Mariano Bassani

Director & PMO Manager

karina Porco

Institutional Policies Manager

Lucrecia Accini

Director/Alternate Director and Legal Advisor



Marco Mateu

Safety & Hygiene Officer

claudio panderi

Business Operations Coordinator

ezequiel acosta

Project Engineer

emanuel boudet


rodrigo gonzález

Specialist Consultant

walter gonzález

Specialist Consultant

ivo robiolio bose

Project Manager

alan taylor

Project Engineer

lucio caraballo

Bid & Legal Officer

Maria eugenia re

Administrative Coordinator

delfina manhard

Administrative Coordinator

José Gerez

Technical Representative &
Manager Comahue – Patagonia

Alberto Franco

PM & Field Inspector

JosÉ Nocera

PM & Field Inspector

Luis Alvarado

PM & Field Inspector

Diego Alvarado

Field Inspector

Maximiliano Morbelli

Project Manager

Diego Stern


Claudio Vaserman

Tax Consultant

Fernanda Ivaldi

External Administrative Support

M. C. Garibotti

Communications Specialist

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