EPEC will replace a part that dates back to 1911 at the La Calera Power Plant

We are pleased to share this news about an emblematic project that demonstrates the commitment to the preservation and modernization of the country’s energy heritage. The #EPM role of the work was entrusted to DREICON and we are honored to play a crucial role in the evolution and progress of our energy infrastructure.

The replacement of this part is an important investment that will improve the reliability and efficiency of the La Calera Power Plant. This plant is one of the most important in the province of Córdoba, and its operation is essential for the supply of energy in the region.


Friday, October 13, 2023 · 10:28

“The Provincial Electric Power Company received the main water conduction piece (called pant) of the penstock for the enhancement of the La Calera Power Plant, which dates back to 1911.

This work consists of replacing two of its old machines as hydromechanical and control equipment, keeping the plant’s old powerhouse intact.

The reform of the plant is part of round three of the RenovAr program, which seeks to transform the Argentine energy matrix by supplying electrical energy from renewable sources to care for the environment.

The parts were designed and manufactured in our country and are used to transport water to the new turbines.”

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