Alejandro Bellorini on Radio Continental with Fernando Carnota

Our CEO, Alejandro Bellorini, was interviewed by Fernando Carnota in Radio Continental from Agroactiva, the exhibition that takes place in Armstrong, from Wednesday, June 3 to Saturday, June 6. On this occasion the talked about a crucial topic for the future of the agricultural field: the importance of biogas.

In his participation in the program, Bellorini highlighted how biogas not only represents a source of renewable energy, but also a value proposition for the waste generated by production.

Biogas is produced from the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste, such as manure and crop remains. This process not only generates clean energy, but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing the release of methane, a gas with high climate impact. Bellorini emphasized how the adoption of biogas can make farms key players in the fight against climate change.

Biogas offers a constant and reliable source of energy, especially valuable in rural areas where access to energy may be limited or expensive. Agricultural farms can use biogas to generate electricity and heat, thus increasing their energy autonomy and resilience against interruptions in the electricity supply.

Our CEO also mentioned the projects that our company is developing in this field, including the installation of biogas plants in various agricultural farms and the training of farmers in the use of this technology. We are convinced that biogas is not only an energy solution, but a tool to transform the countryside and make it more sustainable.

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